Professional Learning Guide | Overview

PLFThe purpose of the Professional Learning Guide is to provide educators an overview of the professional learning framework cycle and how it works to support job-embedded learning.  The ultimate goal of the job-embedded 21st Century Teaching, Learning, and Leading is to provide educators a voice and choice in their own growth in order to increase student mastery of the content standards and 21st Century skills.

The Professional Learning Guide includes a recommended timeline for the job-embedded, ongoing professional learning framework cycle.  One complete cycle should take approximately 8-10 weeks, meeting one hour per week.  Educators may need more or less time for each part of the cycle depending on the time allotted for professional learning time to collaborate. Educators are strongly encouraged to work collaboratively through this process; however, some may choose to work individually.

The focus of the cycle is on the application of the professional learning and the impact of that application on the learner outcomes and student growth.  This guide contains a meeting framework for each part of the cycle, a group document template to show progress, and the learner outcome rubrics for reflection and evaluation.